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Advantages of Apple Cider Vinegar

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

ACV - the amazing, healthy, all-natural and beneficial supplement for your bunny. But what does it really do? Read on to find out!

How much ACV is safe for rabbits? We put ACV in all of our bunnies’ water - about a tablespoon and a half per gallon.

What are the other benefits of using ACV?

Immunity - ACV keeps bunnies’ immune systems healthy and strong with the numerous antioxidants and probiotics found in it. Illness Cure - Bladder sludge and urinary tract infections can be prevented by this miracle drink. Mucky eyes and skin issues can be cured completely with the help of ACV! Of course, if your bunny has something truly wrong or is really sick, don’t expect ACV to cure it. (e.g. snuffles or a broken limb.) Fur Condition - ACV keeps our bunnies’ fur shiny, soft, and thick. With baby bunnies, it helps them grow their adult coat smoothly. We’ve found that it even helps molting adult rabbits to grow their new coat in faster! Cleanliness - Fleas and mites are dissuaded by the scent of ACV, so we have never had problems with them since utilizing it. ACV also acts as a natural, bunny-safe cleaner, getting rid of urine in seconds and keeping bowls/gravity waterers clean and scum-free!

And there you have it! The endless benefits of ACV - we highly recommend it as a perfect addition to any rabbitry! Our favorite brand is linked here, from Amazon at an affordable price! You can also buy it by the gallon if you have several bunnies or run an extensive rabbitry.

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16. Juli 2022

Thank you for this! I will definitely be adding some to my buns water. Is it safe to put it in newly weaned babies and nursing does?

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Mountain Sky Rabbitry
Mountain Sky Rabbitry
16. Juli 2022
Antwort an

Hello Jessica,

Yes, it is safe for weaned babies/nursing does - however, it is likely to increase the doe's desire to breed and may cause the mother to start humping her babies, so use caution when feeding it to does who are still living with their babies.

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