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Color vs. Temperament - How Should I Choose?

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

When looking for a new pet or ESA, many people looking for bunnies 'judge the book by its cover.' It's important to know the difference between choosing for color and choosing for temperament, and why the difference is so crucial!

Choosing For Color

If you are hoping to adopt a bunny and see a photo of the 'perfect' bun, make sure to ask about its temperament first. Choosing for color means simply adopting a bun based on its looks, and does NOT guarantee a social, happy bunny! Please take the time to ask questions about the bunny's temperament, especially if you have children or own other animals (cats, dogs, birds, etc.) If the bunny is shy, it may not be the best in a home with 4 children. If the bunny is aggressive, it will likely need a one-on-one adult home.

Choosing For Temperament

When choosing a bunny that will live in your home as a pet, it is very important to consider temperament. Holland Lops are one of the most relaxed, loving breeds that exists, so the breed alone plays a huge role in temperament! Most people say they want a calm, snuggly bunny. This is definitely desirable, but often when photos are posted, people change their minds based on how the bunny looks. Keep in mind, a bunny's looks will not affect its demeanor.

A bunny's temperament can affect the following factors:

- whether it likes being pet/held

- the amount of social time it can take

- its tolerance to other people and animals

- how much enrichment (toys) the bunny needs

- how active the bunny is

That's a lot to consider, so please choose your bun carefully. An active, energetic, or explorative bunny is absolutely as loving and sweet as one that's advertised as calm and cuddly! The bunnies will simply show their love in different ways.

It is also important to realize that bunnies are prey animals in the wild. They do not naturally like being picked up or held, as holding them cuts off their 'escape route.' At Mountain Sky, we hold and pet our bunnies from day one to ensure they are as loving and sociable as possible. However, this does not guarantee that your bunny will always let you pick it up or pet it! Bunnies have bad days, too, and if your bunny doesn't hop to greet you, just let it have a little sulky time or a bit of time alone. Its grudge will disappear over time (whether that's a few minutes or a few days) and your bunny will bounce back to its usual self! We will be writing a series on the bunny personality types we have experienced soon, so be on the lookout for that.

Overall, the looks of a bunny should not be your main influencing factor in adopting it. Temperament is certainly more important and should be highly weighed in the balance of adopting a bunny or any other pet! Meet-n-greets are ideal for meeting your perfect companion and are highly recommended. To schedule one, please reach out to us through our email,

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