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The Sleek-EZ

Holland lops have thick, beautiful hair that is so soft and fluffy but involves a lot of shedding. Generally, lops only go through a molt 2-3 times a year, but when they do… there is hair everywhere. So we read up on the best grooming and de-shedding tools out there, and we found the Sleek-ez. 99% of the reviews were raving about how amazing this thing was. So we decided to give it a whirl. And now we’re hooked.

Ember’s been going through a molt recently, and the clouds of hair in our rabbitry were getting to be a bit much. A few nights ago, I decided to sit down and give her a very thorough grooming. I normally give all my bunnies a once over with the comb about twice a week, but that wasn’t really doing the job for Ember’s molt. I picked her up out of her cage and set her on the grooming table, and already my hands were full of her light grey undercoat. I started in with the Sleek-ez, and 10 minutes later I had that big old pile of fur you see in the picture..

That is a LOT of hair, and it kept coming! When I finally finished about 20 minutes later, the pile of fur was almost as big as Ember herself!

We think this investment really paid off, and definitely recommend the Sleek-ez!

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