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Stud Services

We offer stud service with our 2 bucks, Dylan and Mr. Munchy. They are both pedigreed, healthy, beautiful boys.


Name: Dylan

Color: Harlequin

Known Genotype: aabbC_DdEe(j)

Pedigree Status: Full

Title: Karrot Tops Dillon

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Colors Produced: harlequin, tri, tort, dilute

Temperament: Such a fun little boy! Full of energy for a three year old, but also loves snuggles and will fall asleep on your lap.


Name: Finn

Color: Chocolate Chinchilla VM

Known Genotype: A_B_Cc(chd)Ddee(j)

Pedigree Status: Full

Title: Rhatigan Farms Munchy

Weight: 2.9 lbs

Carries: harlequin, mapgie/chinchilla, dilute

Temperament: Mr. Munchy is playful and energetic! He's got minimal time for cuddles but is always up for a run in the grass.

How it Works

Set up a time with us to bring your girl(s). She must be at least 6 months before breeding, and no older than 1.5 years for a first-timer. 

You may drop off your girl, or stay with us for the breeding session. After we are confident she took, you will be returned your doe. If she does not kindle a living litter within 40 days of breeding, you may bring her back or be refunded your money.

We do NOT guarantee that every breeding will be successful, especially for a first time mom.

Pedigrees will be issued digitally when the litter is born.

We trust that the babies from the litter will go to good homes, so that our buck's name will not be associated with anything less than satisfactory.

We also reserve the right to refuse a breeding to your doe if anything is wrong with her, or we feel she is not healthy enough to have a litter.

Stud services are $100/doe.

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