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Airplane Above the Clouds

Shipping across the US is an option via Alaska Airlines!

Availability can vary based on weather/season and cargo schedules. However, this has proved to be a wonderful and safe way to transport our bunnies to a variety of locations including Seattle and even all the way to Anchorage! Below is a breakdown of the cost. 

Plane Ticket - $450

This is the upfront cost to the airline.

Airline Approved Carrier - $70

This includes a pee pad/hay, food and water containers, and anything else to make the bun comfortable for the ride.

Examination and Certificate of Health - $130

This is required by Alaska Airlines, and a copy will be provided to you.

Transport to Nashville Airport - $100

The 5.5 hour round trip for us to deliver the bunny to the nearest shipping base in Nashville.

+ the adoption fee of your new pet!

There is a possibility of extra fees/costs in case of any emergencies or unexpected delays, but all in shipping starts at $750.

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