Mountain Sky Rabbitry was founded by two friends who live in Knoxville, TN. Our names are Nikolai Truan and Larke Sherrod, and we love bunnies! This first bunny we ever purchased was an orange Mini Rex doe named Honey. She was our pet and the sweetest, cuddliest rabbit ever! She lived with us for almost 5 years! At that time, an opportunity for her to be a therapy animal for someone came up, and we couldn’t pass it up. Once we sold her, we went for 

a couple years with no bunnies, and then finally decided to buy two black and white Dutch “boys.” All was well until one of the “boys” had babies! We were so excited and couldn’t wait to raise the little guys into bunnies we were proud of! One litter turned into 2, and then 4, and so on. We kept breeding Dutch bunnies until around 2019. After that, we tried a few different breeds - New Zealand and Rex - until we fell in love with the Holland Lop! We founded Mountain Sky so we get to do something we love everyday. We breed and raise Holland Lops with unique colorings and markings in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. We focus on providing show quality rabbits with pet temperaments. Raised indoors, litter trained, and given plenty of love, caring, and treats, each little bun is ready to be part of your family. Our bunnies are raised on a diet of alfalfa pellets, timothy hay, fresh garden greens, and of course, treats! They are held and spoiled everyday, preparing them for a life full of snuggles.

Our Bunny Set-up

One of the things we're always curious about when we get new bunnies is where they come from. The photos below provide a look at our temperature controlled indoor bun rooms! We have 2, one at Nikolai's house and one at Larke's house. We each have a portion of the bunnies you see on our herd page, so when you come to pick up your bunny the exact location will depend.

Larke's Bunny Room

Nikolai's Bunny Room

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