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what sets us apart.

We take the well-being of our bunnies very seriously - this includes factors like health, temperament, cleanliness, and more! Perhaps one of the most defining points of our rabbitry is our strong belief in the philosophy "quality over quantity." We only have, on average, about 10 bunnies total (5 each). This gives us time to get to know each adult individually, which in turn helps us focus on creating the best temperaments possible in our babies. 

From the moment any baby is born in our rabbitry, all it ever knows is human-provided love and comfort. We have a thorough and detailed socializing process that prepares the little ones to be the perfect snuggly, sweet, and friendly companions! This includes not only holding them and playing with them every day, but also desensitizing them from common fears like household noises, crowds of people, and even sometimes cats or dogs. By the time the babies reach 8 weeks, they are ready to easily adapt to your home and continue being a beloved pet!

our habitats.

From the time of their birth until they go to their new homes, our baby bunbuns live their happy lives in spacious 15+ sqft open enclosures! They start out in a nestbox, then once they learn to hop, they begin to explore their home. Our cages have solid, easy-to-clean vinyl flooring, and wire sides so the bunnies can see their fluffy neighbors. In our pens, we keep 1-2 litterboxes, a gravity waterer, a food bowl, and a hay rack (or place hay on the litterbox grate.) Toys hang from the walls or are placed on the floor, and hidey-houses are a must for all the buns! Of course, you can't have a bunny room without blankets - we give our bunnies plenty of cozy blankets to cuddle with.

our routines.

Our bun care routines vary by location. We feed our buns from morning to morning or afternoon to afternoon so all the bunnies get fed on a schedule that doesn't upset their tummies or change up their daily routine. On a daily basis, water is replaced/freshened, hay is replaced, measured pellets are given, and vacuuming and spot cleaning are done. Litter boxes are refreshed once or twice a week. Deep cleans come a couple times a month. 

We also let our bunnies outside for playtime. There is no set playtime routine, because our buns enjoy it all the time! When cleaning enclosures daily, it really speeds up the process to let the bunnies out for a romp in the grass. 

The snuggles take place anytime and all the time, but often we end up letting a bun or 2 free roam in the evenings while another couple bunnies snuggle with us on the couch during our own down time! When the babies are little, we'll even carry them around in our pockets while we go about the daily chores! Anything to keep them used to being with humans, since it's a constant upkeep.

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Refer to our blog post on socialization to read more about how we interact with our bunnies to help them be as people friendly as possible!

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