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Our Holland Lops

Holland Lops are the smallest breed of shorthaired lops! Originating in the Netherlands, these small, stocky bunnies are the top pet breed in the bunny world. Holland Lops are known for their outgoing, friendly, and mellow personalities. They range from 2-5lbs. Holland Lops have low maintenance, glossy, soft fur that comes in a variety of unique colors! We specialize in rare colors and work with the vienna gene - creating unique, beautiful, blue eyed buns. Meet our amazing herd below! These bunnies have been selected for expectational temperament, coloring, and type! We're grateful to have each and every one - they all have a special spot in our hearts.


Broken Chocolate Tort Buck

Meet Oliver - Ollie for short! He is such a little love-bug. He loves playing with chew toys and is a binky master! I adore his chubby cheeks and teeny ears. He has beautiful luscious fur and gorgeous pattern. Ollie comes to us all the way from Missouri! I was happy to find him when looking for a buck that could add both the broken gene and chocolate gene to our herd. I'm looking forward to his babies throughout 2023!




Lilac Magpie Buck

Meet Bear! His snuggly personality perfectly compliments his fluffy lilac-and-white coat, and his steel-gray eyes stand out in a crowd. He LOVES hay and calf manna, they're definitely his favorite foods! He is one of the most cuddly bunnies in our herd and loves head pets, being held, and flopping next to you. His babies will have his loving temperament and we can't wait to see them!



Harlequin VM Doe

Meet Bloom! She's a homegrown girl. She's out of Dusky and Dylan(harlequin now retired, our OG buck) and I love her. She resided in a pet home with her dear sister Lola for the first part of her life, but following the heartbreaking passing of Lola, Bloom is back with me. She has formed an amazing and inseparable bond with her younger half sister Twilight! They live together and will hopefully raise many successful amazing litters together.


WhatsApp Image 2023-02-04 at 7.33.53 PM.jpeg


Lilac Point VM Doe

Meet Twilight! She's also homegrown! She is such a gorgeous grey shaded color with adorable white vienna markings. Twilight is out of Dusky and Munchy(orange heavy VM now living elsewhere). She has an inquisitive and sweet nature, exactly what we breed for. She loves lap snuggles and morning kisses and warm sunny spots to flop in. Twilight and Bloom have a very close bond and I am so blessed to have both of these girls.



Blue Possible VC Doe

Meet Mist! She's a beautiful homegrown baby blue girl! Mist is out of Echo and Alfie (sable point now living elsewhere). She is so loving and relaxed, and loves head pets and treat time. Her shy, sweet nature is a perfect match with Echo's calm, snuggly personality - they have a special bond and live in the same cage! We are so glad to have Mist as a part of our rabbitry.




Blue VM Doe

Meet Echo! She is the sweetest girl. She absolutely love head pets and is an incredible mama. Her shy yet cuddly personality is the best, and she is one of the cleanest buns in our herd! Her babies are beautiful, full of personality, and just as tidy as their mama. Echo's one of the most relaxed buns I've ever met - flopping and snoozing all over her cage. Her favorite food in the world is timothy hay; she can't get enough of it!



Magpie VM Doe

Meet Jasmine - Jazzy for short! She is amazing beautiful, magpie is one of my favorite colors and her blue/brown marbled eyes perfectly complement her mottled fur. Jazzy is a sweet, sassy, and spunky girl, and has one of my favorite personality types! She is the third bun we've gotten from our good friends at Fairy Trail Rabbitry. I love everything about her and I am so excited to have her as part of our herd.


WhatsApp Image 2022-08-26 at 7.04.41 PM.jpeg


Lilac Tort VM Doe

Meet Dusky! She has a playful and energetic personality! Full of fun and spunk, you can always find her zooming and binkying. Dusky also loves food, and will do anything for some calf manna or sunflower seeds! She loves playtime and free roaming in the house. She's such a sweetheart and always goes with the flow. Dusky was our first bun from our friends at Fairy Trail Rabbitry. She is one of my favorite mamas and always gives me the most roly poly adorable babies with incredible temperaments.



Black Tort VC Doe

Meet Poppy! She has tiny short ears and a small, compact build. Her energy is endless - she is constantly exploring , binkying, and zooming! She has already mastered six tricks (including walking on her hind legs) and will do anything for black oil sunflower seeds! She is very social and loves being petted. She has beautiful petite babies!


WhatsApp Image 2022-01-14 at 5.51.56 PM (1).jpeg

Our American Teddywidders

We are excited to add this rare breed to our herd in 2023! American Teddywidders are an absolutely gorgeous long-haired breed that is still a work in progress. They are a well-bred combination between English Angoras, Double Maned Lionheads, and American Fuzzy Lops. We're happy to be a part of the journey to help this beautiful breed become recognized by the ARBA. They first stood out to us with their floofy, soft, cloud-like fur! They have a similar stocky but small build as our Holland Lops, but their gorgeous wool sets them apart. But what really made us fall in love with the breed is their exceptionally sweet, teddy-bear personalities! Widder means lop in German - so Teddywidders are literally teddy bear lops! We can't wait to bring more of these gorgeous bunnies into the pet world.

Our beautiful pair Theo and Cleo are from Frolicking Lop Meadows all the way in Iowa! They are both amazing bunnies, and I'm happy to have them in our rabbitry.



Harlequin VM Buck

Meet Theo! He'll do anything for attention, and if he's not the one being played with or petted, he makes sure to let you know he's not happy with lots of thumps! He often runs around the rabbitry while I do the chores and follows me like a little puppy. He has such a big heart and adores bunny massages. He has the most adorable fluffy ears, and a very boopable VM marking on his nose that perfectly lines up with his split face harlequin markings! 



Blue VM Doe

Meet Cleo! She is a very sweet-hearted bun, and absloultly loves snuggles. She takes a moment to warm up but then gives her whole heart to you! She'll sit on my lap for hours just being calm and warm and fuzzy and sweet. I truly love this girlie! Cleo has the most gorgeous, bluey-grey fur. She also has marbled blue/black eyes which create an amazing contrast with her fur. She has extra floofy feet lol! I'm excited to see her babies in Spring 2023!


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