Our Bunnies



Dylan is our super tiny and compact black/orange harlequin buck! His tiny ears and big head are just gorgeous. He loves outdoor playtime, and his flops are the cutest. I adore his sweet personality! He makes the most adorable chunky babies.

Known Genotype: AaBBC_Dde(j)e

Pedigree Status - Full



Bear is our sweet lilac magpie buck. His snuggly personality perfectly compliments his fluffy lilac-and-white coat, and his steel-gray eyes stand out in a crowd. He LOVES hay and oats, they're definitely his favorite foods! He is the most cuddly bunny in our herd and loves head pets, being held, and flopping next to you. His babies will have his loving temperament and we can't wait to see them!

Known Genotype: A_ bb c(chd)_ dd e(j)

Pedigree Status - Full

IMG_0572 (1).jpg


Finn is our chocolate chinchilla VM buck! This is a super rare color, and I'm blown away by his beauty every time I see him. He has such pretty and luscious fur! He is incredibly sweet and cuddly, he loves being held and snuggled. He's like a therapy bunny, this little guy has stolen my heart. Finn's calm, friendly personality is sure to pass on to his babies

Known Genotype: Aabbc(chd)_DdEe(j)

Pedigree Status - Full


Jasmine - Jazzy for short - is our black magpie VM doe! She is amazing beautiful, magpie is one of my favorite colors and her blue/brown marbled eyes perfectly complement her mottled fur. Jazzy is a sweet, sassy, and spunky girl, and has one of my favorite personality types! She is the third bun we've gotten from our good friends at Fairy Trail Rabbitry. I love everything about her and I am so excited to have her as part of our herd.

Known Genotype: A_Bbcchd_Ddejej

Pedigree Status - Full

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-26 at 7.04.41 PM.jpeg


Stardust is our striking torted harlequin VM. She is beyond sweet. She loves being snuggled and runs over to me to be picked up! I absolutely love her personality and color. She's perfect in every way and I'm so excited to see her babies.

Known Genotype: A_B_C_D_e(j)e

Pedigree Status - Full


Dusky is our stunning Lilac Tort VM doe. She’s such an adventurer, and loves running around her cage. She comes to greet me and is so fun to play with. She’s not a real snuggler, but her funny and delightful personality makes up for that! She’s also an absolutely perfect mama. Her sought after babies are always so roly-poly. She came from our good friends at Fairy Trail Rabbitry.

Known Genotype: aabbC_ddee

Pedigree Status - Full



Echo is our blue-eyed blue VM doe with a darling white marking on her side! Her glowing blue eyes compliment her silvery coat perfectly. She’s very calm and snuggly, and seems like she’ll be a great mama. She is the second bun we've gotten from our good friends at Fairy Trail Rabbitry. We can’t wait to see the colors she brings to our rabbitry!

Known Genotype: aaB_C_ddE_

Pedigree Status - Full



Gingerbread is our darling, wonderfully typed orange VM doe. She has a very petite body, weighing in at around 2 lbs. Her marbled white + orange paws and white belly are uniquely striking! She's very sweet and gentle, and her favorite food is apple slices. Her crazy ears haven't quite flopped yet, so she always looks very lively! We are extremely excited to see the colors and type she will pass on to her babies!

Known Genotype: AaB_C_D_ee

Pedigree Status - Full



Autumn is our broken black tort doe. She is a beautiful bunny!. Her favorite thing in the whole wide world is to eat hay. She also has a love for cardboard boxes, and gets a bit grouchy if she doesn’t have one in her cage to jump on and in. She is a bit of a quiet one and likes to sit around and study what’s happening around her. She's also a great mama who has large litters full of beautiful colors!


Known Genotype: aaB_C_Ddee(j)

Pedigree Status - Full


Poppy is a black tort with slight vienna markings. She has wonderful type and her energy is endless - she is constantly exploring , binkying, and zooming! She has already mastered six tricks (including walking on her hind legs) and will do anything for black oil sunflower seeds! She is very social and loves being petted. She has beautiful petite babies!

Known Genotype: aaB_C_D_ee(j)

Pedigree Status - Full