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Rescue Bunnies

We believe that being part of the bunny world also means taking care of the bunnies who may be less than perfect, possibly have gone through hard times, and just need some TLC. Each bunny will be listed will all information we have gathered and full disclosure of their behavior and possible medical issues.

Cuzco | Black Lionhead | $100


Meet Cuzco! Cuzco is a black lionhead with the cutest disposition. He is litter trained and loves free roaming our home when he's not spending time in his exercise pen! He reminds me of a little old man with a fluffy beard. Cuzco is only around 11 months old (birthday unknown,) and has so much love left to give. He absolutely loves hay, oats, and binkies! We have thoroughly checked him over and he is completely healthy, ready to hop to his forever home anytime!

Pedigree Status: None

Medical Issues: None. Cuzco is currently intact.

Information About Cuzco's Former Home: This sweet boy came to us through a tangle of communication. One of our trusted bunnysitters, Sami,* got word that her colleague Miley* had a bonded pair, and one of those bunnies (Cuzco) needed a new home because he had injured his brother in a fight for dominance. Miley brought Cuzco to us and told us that Cuzco's former name had been Caz, and that he had come to her from an elderly couple who had bought him and his brother bun for their grandkids. Sadly, the grandchildren weren't interested, and the couple weren't able to care for Cuzco and his brother, so Miley took them in. Cuzco injured his brother, and Miley didn't have space for more bunnies, so they had to be separated. That's how Cuzco came to be with us!

*names have been changed to protect identities.

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