Amanda | Cricket | BEW | May 2022

Thank you so much for working with us to get Cricket! It was a pretty long trip, and she did so well with it, she is just as you explained, she is great with the kids and doesn't fuss to be picked up by us already. She is such a good bunny! Cricket was worth the drive and the money, keep doing what you're doing! Thank you for our new family member!


Jessica | Quinn | Harlequin VM | May 2022

Everyone at Mountain Sky Rabbitry was very kind to me. They were very helpful throughout the process of me getting a bunny from them. I live in Alaska so the bunny I got (Quinn) had to be flown up here, they went through the whole process of getting health certificates and booking the flight. On top of that they drive 3 hours to Nashville for me to be at the airport by 5:00 in the morning!! They truly care about their bunnies and their health and safety, all their bunnies are well fed and very healthy! Their bunnies have lots of personality, are indoors and I can tell that they are very loved, especially my bunny. The bunny I got did absolutely amazing on the plane and was not stressed at all. Absolutely amazing people, the nicest breeders and people I have ever worked with. I am very pleased with my purchase from them and I feel like a very valued customer! I look forward to possibly getting another bunny from them in the future! I highly recommend Mountain Sky Rabbitry and I promise that you will not be disappointed!!


Hillary | Hershey + Twix | Black Tort VM + Harlequin VM | May 2022

Our girls, now named Lola and Bloom, are the sweetest bunnies ever, our kids are in heaven! I am blown away by how well you run your business was at such a young age. I'm always encouraged seeing young men and women doing amazing things in this world! You are a light, and the bunnies you breed are precious. It's so evident that they were cared for and loved so well by you.


Kristen K. | Snickers | Harlequin | May 2022

We have had such great experience adopting our little bunny, Beauregard, from Mountain Sky Rabbitry! Larke was so helpful and answered a ton of my new bunny owner questions (even after bringing him home). I really appreciated getting to see his mother and siblings. They were clearly well-taken care of and had a nice living area, not a tiny cage. He is such a sweet, calm bunny, and she described him perfectly.


Kristen P. | Marble + Quartz | Tricolor VM + Broken Magpie VM | February 2022

We adopted two bunnies from Mountain Sky Rabbitry in February. Being new to owning rabbits, we were a little overwhelmed with what we really needed for them and how to take care of them. Mountain Sky Rabbitry was so open and welcoming to all of our questions and provided us with a wealth of information to become prepared. Their bunnies are well cared for and we were so pleased with our two girls that we adopted. It was evident that they had been socialized routinely because even though we brought them to a new environment, they adjusted well to our family and have been so friendly and loving. I would highly recommend Mountain Sky Rabbitry to anyone desiring to add a bunny to their family!


Briana P. | Onyx | BEW | March 2022

Mountain Sky Rabbitry is fantastic. We bought Onyx from them about a week ago and she is the sweetest bunny! She is a healthy, happy little girl and you can tell that she has been loved and pampered before we brought her home. She loves to cuddle with my daughter and she continues to be spoiled at home. Thank y’all for all you do, we will definitely consider adopting another bunny from y’all in the future!

IMG_3905 (1).jpg

Meredith S. | Slate + Opal | Chocolate VM + BEW | February 2022

This was our first time getting a bunny. Mountain Sky Rabbitry was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. They gave us frequent updates on our rabbits and were a pleasure to work with. They have a very clean rabbitry and healthy rabbits. Thank you so much for the two newest members of our family!


Sierra S. | Ella | Broken Black Tort | December 2021

“I absolutely loved getting my bunny from Mountain Sky Rabbitry! I had been looking for months to find the right bunny and when I went, Nikolai and her family were so sweet and welcoming. All of the bunnies are taken care of so well. We ended up getting a wonderful 3 year old bunny that fits in with the rest of the family. If I do get another bunny, I definitely know where I will be getting it next time!”

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