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jessica g.

Quinn | Harlequin VM 

Everyone at Mountain Sky Rabbitry was very kind to me. They were very helpful throughout the process of me getting a bunny from them. I live in Alaska so the bunny I got (Quinn) had to be flown up here, they went through the whole process of getting health certificates and booking the flight. On top of that they drove 3 hours to Nashville for me to be at the airport by 5:00 in the morning!! They truly care about their bunnies and their health and safety, all their bunnies are well-fed and very healthy! Their bunnies have lots of personality, are indoors and I can tell that they are very loved, especially my bunny. The bunny I got did absolutely amazing on the plane and was not stressed at all. Absolutely amazing people, the nicest breeders and people I have ever worked with. I am very pleased with my purchase from them and I feel like a very valued customer! I look forward to possibly getting another bunny from them in the future! I highly recommend Mountain Sky Rabbitry and I promise that you will not be disappointed!!


hadley b.

Asher (formerly Cannoli) | Blue + Cream Harlequin

I love Mountain Sky Rabbitry! They have been so helpful throughout my whole process! They have answered all of my questions, been super flexible, given me pictures of my bunny, etc. if I were to get another bunny, I would definitely choose them again! I HIGHLY recommend! I was very glad I adopted Asher - he was already sleeping next to me and licking me on the first day! He's doing great and binkying everywhere.


samuel k.

Mist & Echo | Blue & Blue VM 

I am so happy I decided to get my bunnies from Mountain Sky Rabbitry. Nikolai has been so helpful and responsive with all of my questions and needs. Even after I took the bunnies home She continues to answer any questions and concerns I have which is so great! It was so important to me to adopt from somewhere that really cares about their bunnies and make sure they are put into good homes, and MSR definitely checks those boxes. The bunnies are so happy and healthy and they are doing wonderfully! I would highly recommend adopting from them :)


cheryl s.

Ellie Bryn (formerly Bryn) | Black + Orange Harlequin

We absolutely love our new Holland Lop baby, Ellie Bryn, from Mountain Sky Rabbitry. She is extremely sweet and calm. You can tell she has been handled and socialized since she was born. Nikolai is very knowledgeable and clearly loves her bunnies. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your home to visit your rabbitry and pick up our sweet Ellie Bryn. We highly recommend Mountain Sky Rabbitry. 



Lola (formerly Drizzle) | Siamese Sable 

I recently lost my sweet bunny, Ruby, and it was devastating. My family knew how much she meant to me, so they immediately went searching online in secret to find me a new baby that I could love as much as I loved her, and they found Mountain Sky Rabbitry. They surprised me by bringing me to Knoxville to meet Nikolai and pick out a new bunny friend. From the moment I met them, they were so kind and caring about my loss, and they helped me pick out the perfect baby girl to bring home! It is easy to tell that they daily invest so much time and care into every bunny they raise. They even sent a thoughtful care package and guide home with us when we came back next week to pick her up! We have had the best possible experience we could have hoped for, and are extremely happy and grateful to have found them. Thank you to the Mountain Sky Rabbitry team for making my dream come true!


tyler m.

Arlo (formerly Corduroy) | Blue-Eyed White 

We recently brought our sweet boy Arlo (formerly Corduroy) from Mountain Sky Rabbitry. We can’t get enough of him! He has the best personality. You can tell they loved and played with him from the moment he was born. He’s so friendly and loves playing. He and my toddler run all over the house together. Wherever my son goes, Arlo is following right behind him. We had such a great experience working with both Larke & Nikolai! They were both very sweet & quickly responded to all of my questions. They truly love and care about all their rabbits and customers! I highly recommend working with them!


mary s.

Lemon (formerly Bella) | Black + Orange Harlequin

We are so happy with our beautiful bun from Mountain Sky Rabbitry. It was obvious from the start she has been lovingly handled and is accustomed to human family. She has fit right into our home and is sweet and happy. The reservation and pickup process as well as communication were all professional and smooth. We had a chance to see all the buns in the rabbitry, hold them and ask any questions we had. Thanks ladies for our new little love bug!

IMG_8644 (1).jpg

amy r. - fairy trail rabbitry

Willow | Sable Magpie VC

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Mountain Sky Rabbitry is! I also have a very small indoor Holland Lop rabbitry, so I first met Larke and Nikolai through them adopting one of our Holland Lop bunnies about a year ago. They now have three girls from us and regularly send updates so I know they are all thoroughly spoiled and very well cared for by them! All of their bunnies have spacious solid floored pens in their home, are litter box trained, and are given lots of love! Larke and Nikolai are truly dedicated to their bunnies with their whole hearts.

About four months ago I finally welcomed home my first Mountain Sky Bun, Miss Willow, and I couldn’t be more in love! Even though Willow was originally from a different rabbitry and was a little skittish since she wasn’t used to being handled or loved on by people, by the time Willow joined our family she was nothing but super sweet, friendly, and gentle all thanks to Larke and Mountain Sky Rabbity giving her tons of one on one attention. Larke and Nikolai are both very kind, communicative, and compassionate. Before we picked Willow up Larke gave us tons of information on her personality and preferences so we were able to help her settle into our home as easily as possible. Within the first few days Willow had settled in completely and was flopping out comfortably in her pen and coming up to us for head rubs and hand fed pellets. She is one of the most gentle and easy to hold buns I have met and has the most amazing sweet, snuggly personality!

I couldn’t be more happy with my experience and I am so grateful to have met Larke and Nikolai and have them as friends! I am looking forward to adding more Mountain Sky babies to my family in the future. If you are looking for an incredibly loving, ethical Holland Lop breeder to adopt your new furry family member from, I highly recommend Mountain Sky Rabbitry!

thunder THREE (1).jpg

craig j.

Rosie (formerly Thunder) | Siamese Sable VM

I cannot say enough about Mountain Sky Rabbitry! We found them while looking to get a baby rabbit after our rabbit passed away and they were truly a Godsend!!  From the time Thunder was born, they sent us pictures weekly and answered any questions we had and they were truly amazing!! Our sweet bunny was so social, not scared at all, she sat in my lap for a 4 hour drive to Alabama and she has shown us nothing but love; she is a absolutely a amazing sweet social bunny! We are all so in love and if you are looking for a bunny you should definitely get yours from Mountain Sky, they are definitely the best and we can't thank them enough for having our sweet bunny socially ready for us; and she's litter trained, that's a plus!!!


young h.

Kimbo (formerly Boba) | Black + Orange Harlequin

Very helpful throughout the whole process. They talked me through the process of transport as I live far from Tennessee. Additionally, whenever I had a question, they would respond within the same day. They frequently kept me up to date which put any feelings of anxiety aside. Would recommend highly.


hillary m.

Lola & Bloom (formerly Hershey & Twix) | Black Tort VM & Harlequin VM

Our girls Lola and Bloom are the sweetest bunnies ever, our kids are in heaven! I am blown away by how well you run your business was at such a young age. I'm always encouraged seeing young men and women doing amazing things in this world! You are a light, and the bunnies you breed are precious. It's so evident that they were cared for and loved so well by you.


leanne w.

Storm | Smoke Pearl

My family and I love Holland Lops because of their sweet temperaments, adorably squishy faces, and lop ears.  We were excited to find Mountain Sky Rabbitry in nearby Knoxville.  Nikolai and Larke focus on raising healthy bunnies in an indoor setting with solid floor cages.  Our bunny, Storm, has been a relaxed and laid back bun since we brought him home.  My family and I are thrilled with our new member of the family.

IMG_0796 (1).jpg

emily e.

Lavender (formerly Dawn) | BEW

Mountain Sky Rabbitry was incredible to work with! Larke was so professional & communicative from beginning to end. I loved getting updates & photos of Lavender before she was ready to go. Larke also answered any question I had in a timely way. We absolutely adore our bun & you can absolutely tell she was socialized & came from a loving environment. I highly recommend Mountain Sky! 


peyton f. - maple valley acres

Prairie Larke (formerly Chamomile)  | BEW

I bought a beautiful Blue Eyed White Doe, Prairie, from Mountain Sky Rabbitry. I cannot say how pleased I am with my doe! Wow, just wow! What I received was a beautiful, wonderfully healthy bunny, but on top of all that she was SO sweet and gentle!! You can tell how much Larke and Nikolai love their rabbits. Larke was who I corresponded with and she was so very nice, helpful and quick to respond to my texts. As a new rabbit breeder myself I knew what I wanted and I was so pleased with the build and conformation of Prairie. I definitely recommend buying from Mountain Sky Rabbitry- I promise you won't regret it! 

IMG_4796 (1).jpg

whitney b.

Rocky Road | Broken Chestnut

Rocky has such a great temperament and she’s great with our 4 kiddos, even our one year old. The kids love making and designing hideouts in her cage for her. Larke did such an amazing job answering all of our questions and teaching us along the way. She always responded quickly and was the perfect balance of professional and very friendly in all of her emails. 


keri m.

Pumpernickel & Cornbread | Orange VM

I'm so happy I chose to get my bunnies from Mountain Sky Rabbitry. They were so friendly and knowledgeable and took the best care of my baby buns.

IMG_6593 (1).jpg

kristen k.

Beauregard (formerly Snickers) | Harlequin

We have had such great experience adopting our little bunny, Beauregard, from Mountain Sky Rabbitry! Larke was so helpful and answered a ton of my new bunny owner questions (even after bringing him home). I really appreciated getting to see his mother and siblings. They were clearly well-taken care of and had a nice living area, not a tiny cage. He is such a sweet, calm bunny, and she described him perfectly.


meredith s.

Brownie & Basil (formerly Slate & Opal) | Chocolate VM & BEW

This was our first time getting a bunny. Mountain Sky Rabbitry was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. They gave us frequent updates on our rabbits and were a pleasure to work with. They have a very clean rabbitry and healthy rabbits. Thank you so much for the two newest members of our family!


amanda o.

Cricket | BEW

Thank you so much for working with us to get Cricket! It was a pretty long trip, and she did so well with it, she is just as you explained, she is great with the kids and doesn't fuss to be picked up by us already. She is such a good bunny! Cricket was worth the drive and the money, keep doing what you're doing! Thank you for our new family member!

IMG_2446 (1).jpg

sierra s.

Ella | Broken Black Tort

“I absolutely loved getting my bunny from Mountain Sky Rabbitry! I had been looking for months to find the right bunny and when I went, Nikolai and her family were so sweet and welcoming. All of the bunnies are taken care of so well. We ended up getting a wonderful 3 year old bunny that fits in with the rest of the family. If I do get another bunny, I definitely know where I will be getting it next time!”

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-14 at 5.51.55 PM (1).jpeg

briana p.

Onyx | BEW

Mountain Sky Rabbitry is fantastic. We bought Onyx from them about a week ago and she is the sweetest bunny! She is a healthy, happy little girl and you can tell that she has been loved and pampered before we brought her home. She loves to cuddle with my daughter and she continues to be spoiled at home. Thank y’all for all you do, we will definitely consider adopting another bunny from y’all in the future!


kristen p.

Marble & Quartz | Tri-Color VM & Broken Black Magpie VM

We adopted two bunnies from Mountain Sky Rabbitry in February. Being new to owning rabbits, we were a little overwhelmed with what we really needed for them and how to take care of them. Mountain Sky Rabbitry was so open and welcoming to all of our questions and provided us with a wealth of information to become prepared. Their bunnies are well cared for and we were so pleased with our two girls that we adopted. It was evident that they had been socialized routinely because even though we brought them to a new environment, they adjusted well to our family and have been so friendly and loving. I would highly recommend Mountain Sky Rabbitry to anyone desiring to add a bunny to their family!

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