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Custom Litter Box Grate | How-To

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Does your bun dig, track their litter everywhere, or get dirty feet from their litter box? Here’s your fix! Pre-grated bunny litter boxes are often small and over-priced. We love using larger cat litter boxes with the addition of this grate! It helps keep our bunnies clean and sweet-smelling.

Supplies you’ll need: The following supplies can be found at your local hardware store.

  • 1 egg crate louvre piece

  • 4 bolts (height of your litter box) along with 4 nuts and 8 washers of the same width (1/4 inch)

  • 1 pair of snippers

  • Your litter box

Step 1

Measure out the size of your litter box against a portion of the grating. Then, snip along the outside edges in a square shape. The grating typically comes in ceiling tiles, so you’ll probably have leftovers.

Step 2

Your cut portion of the grate probably won’t fit exactly in your box. Trim the edges so it slides into the box about a 1/2 inch or more.

Step 4

Use your nuts, bolts and washers to fashion legs for the grate. Stick a washer on the bolt, slide the remaining bolt leg through the grate, slide another washer up that, and secure it with a nut. Note: If you have a large bunny or several buns using the same litter box, you may need more than 4 legs to support their weight. For our Holland Lops, who are around 2-4 lbs, we use 4-5 legs.

Step 5

Place the grate, with its 4 or more legs attached, into the box. You may have to do more trimming to allow it to fit perfectly inside.


If your box has a cover or lid, add it now. It’s ready for your bunny to use, and keeps those little paws (and the floors) clean! Dusky and her babies (pictured) love it!

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