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The Drama Bun: Personality Series Post No. 3

Bunnies are some of the most personable pets out there. In this blog post series, we're going to explore the four main types of bunny personalities and how they compare. Let us know in the comments which personality your bunbun fits best!

Dusky (pictured above) is our drama bun. Let's take a look at some of her characteristics!

No. 1 - Emphatic Emotions

Dusky is the most dramatic girl! She'll always let you know exactly what she thinks about a nail trim or an extra treat. This is awesome when the bunny isn't holding a grudge against you, but it also adds to their little sulks and extra dramatic flop moments. The drama bun is easy to read in one sense because they're so emphatic when it comes to expression, but they can be unpredictable, leading to the next of Dusky's characteristics!

No. 2 - Unpredictable

The drama bun is emotionally grounded, but they have their moments. Sometimes, Dusky loves being held and begs for more pets. Other times, she panics when you try and hold her! It completely depends on the day and the moment. This is an especially interesting feature of a drama bun, because every day is different.

No. 3 - Big Personality

Last but not least, Dusky has a massive personality. Even though she is now spayed, she is an adorable grandma to every baby in our rabbitry. She loves people, other bunnies, and of course our babies! She would never do anything to harm them and is definitely the matriarch of the fluffle. Drama buns really take on all the roles, from caretaker to grudge holder to best friend!

All in all, drama bunnies are some of the most fun to have and will make amazing companions like all bunnies will. They have their quirks like being a bit goofy and unpredictable, but this just makes them more lovable! Does your bunbun fit this personality? Let us know in the comments!

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