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The Intelligent Bunny: Personality Series Post No. 1

Bunnies are some of the most personable pets out there. In this blog post series, we're going to explore the four main types of bunny personalities and how they compare. Let us know in the comments which personality your bunbun fits best!

Our girl Poppy (pictured above) is our personal intelligent bunny. Let's take a look at some of her characteristics!

No. 1 - Endless Curiosity

When she free-roams my bedroom or hops through the bunny room, she constantly is on high alert. Her ears perk up every time she finds something interesting or smells another bunny. Like in the photo above, she spotted Larke's camera and came to investigate, ears flying. No matter what, where, or when, the intelligent bunny is always exploring and finding new, exciting things!

No. 2 - Sound Sensitive

All bunnies have a little sensor in their brain that tells them what noises mean 'food.' However, the intelligent bunny has more sensors than the average, haha! As soon as Poppy hears the metallic unscrewing of a Mason jar lid (which is where I keep my treats,) she does a full-on sprint to the front of the cage and stands on her hind legs, just waiting for the treat she knows is coming.

No. 3 - Escape Artists

Often, the intelligent bunny looks for ways out of their pen. My cage walls are three feet high, and Poppy has proven that she can jump them! She's only about 3 pounds and 6 inches tall when sitting, so that's a pretty amazing leap. Whenever I open the door of her pen to clean, even if it's just a small opening, she is the first to sneak past my legs and make a run for it. She'll romp around the shed and play with the curtains, tease the other girls, and investigate corners where I can't reach her.

No. 4 - Goofy, Crazy, and Sweet

Intelligent bunnies know when you're sad or frustrated. This can be said of most bunnies, but intelligent buns feel your emotions more keenly. Poppy knows to let me pet her and hold her when I'm sad or lonely. She performs adorable binkies or digs gently at my lap to get me to play with her instead of thinking about my bad day. Also, intelligent bunnies know how to get your attention. Digging, nibbling their pen's walls, and standing on their hind legs are constant signs I get from Poppy saying "pet me!" Intelligent bunnies will see you through the bad times and give you the cheering-up you need!

Overall, the intelligent bunny is an amazing bunny to have - in tune with your feelings, crazy curious, and a total attention-getter! Does your bunbun fit this personality? Let us know in the comments!

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