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The Shy BunBun: Personality Series Post No. 2

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Bunnies are some of the most personable pets out there. In this blog post series, we're going to explore the four main types of bunny personalities and how they compare. Let us know in the comments which personality your bunbun fits best!

Marmalade (pictured above) is our personal shy bunny. Let's look at some of his main characteristics!

No. 1 - Sweet But Shy

The shy bunbun doesn't purposely ignore you. They love you, but maybe they don't exhibit their love through binkies or racing up to you first thing. You need to earn their trust and let them come to you first! Marmalade took months to warm up to me. I petted him, fed him, held him, and gave him treats. None of that seemed to work until, one day, it clicked! He learned that I was the hand that fed him and that I could be trusted. Before, he would cower under his bed and wait for me to leave his space before even inching out for his favorite treats. Now, I can hand-feed him anything, and he doesn't protest against being held at all!

No. 2 - Trust

Once your shy bunny builds a bond with you, they trust you completely. You don't have to worry about them holding grudges! However, this bond takes time and love to create. Some bunnies will bond with you almost instantly, just a few days after they meet you. Others, like the shy bunbuns, can take weeks or months to cuddle up with you. I know the human instinct is to pick up a bunny and snuggle it immediately, but if you take the time to just sit and interact with your bunny without holding it, it will be time well spent and a bond well made.

No. 3 - Nervous of Loud Noises

When 4th of July fireworks or music can be heard, you can trust the shy bunbun to hide in their house or look to you for comfort. Our babies are used to loud noises from day one, but some of our adults (like Marmalade) haven't been raised around noise and are still scared by them. They'll come up and beg to be taken to a quiet room or petted until the noises stop.

No. 4 - Predictability

If you know your shy bunbun well enough, you can predict what they're going to do almost every minute of the day. For example, when I walk up to Marmalade's pen, he moves to the back because he doesn't know if I am holding treats or nail clippers. If it's treats, he'll come up to the front and lick them from my hand. If it's nail clippers, he'll cower in the corner, pleading with me to stay away. This predictability is a really interesting feature of shy bunnies and can be fun to play with. For example, if your bunny always hides in their house when you approach, try holding a treat near your body to counteract that. With time, they will likely start coming to you instead of hiding!

Overall, the shy bunny is an adorable bunny to have - sweet, dependent on you and your love, and incredibly trusting. Does your bunbun fit this personality? Let us know in the comments!

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