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The Ultimate Bunny Toy Checklist

Not sure what your newly adopted bun likes to play with? Don't worry, we've got you covered with this extensive list of our favorite non-toxic bunny toys (tried and tested!)

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These chews keep our bunnies from nibbling on the wood of their enclosures. They're great for any destructive bun busy. One every day or every two days will keep the house chewing to a minimum!

These balls won't last very long, but our bunnies love them! They are reduced to shredded wood within an hour or two; they keep the bunbuns very busy and entertained. Hanging them from the walls or top of their pen is a good option to help them last a little longer.

IKEA's DUKTIG bed is perfect for bunnies. Ours jump on and off of it, slide under it, and even sleep on it!

This tunnel is a great option for keeping your bunny entertained. It's small enough to fit in an enclosure and not clutter it up too much, and it can be placed around the house for free-roam bunnies.

These edible palm leaf bowls aren't exactly toys, but the bunnies love to chew on them. It's another little toy that helps keep your trim and baseboards intact!

Castles are great options for bunnies. They love any hidey-holes and places they can explore.

These applewood sticks are really nice natural chew toys and help keep your bunny occupied.

Hiding treats in these stacking cups really gets bunnies thinking! They love to pull them down and toss them around their pen.

We hope this post will help you choose the perfect toys for your bunny!

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