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Why Holland Lops Make the Best Pets

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

As the smallest and most friendly lop-eared buns available, Hollands have gained huge popularity as pets. A bunny ranks #6 on a list of the most popular pets in the world. We might be biased, but we think they deserve more! We love having bunnies as pets. They are sweet, gentle, quiet, fun, adventurous, loving, and much more, all wrapped into a tiny bundle less than half the size of a small cat. Contrary to popular belief that bunnies are dumb, each one actually has a wonderful personality of its own.

Sweet Temperament - Hollands are the absolute sweetest bunnies! Our Hollands, being held and loved on from birth, grow up in a highly social environment so they are used to adults, young children, and loud noises. This allows for a much easier transition to a new home when they are adopted! (That doesn't mean they'll warm up to you within the first hour of arriving at their new home, though. Bunnies are very sensitive, and large environmental changes are scary for them!)

Unique Personality - Bunnies are NOT dumb, nor are they all the same. Those are huge myths - each bun has their own character! We've had shy, hyper, cheerful, sleepy, crazy, and loyal buns, and every one of them was amazingly unique! Even littermates can be very different from each other (temperament is hereditary, so one may have their dad's temperament while the others inherit their mother's.)

Size - Holland Lops are about half the size of a small cat. They mature to be a mere 2-4 lbs! This allows for cheap feeding (though you should never skimp on food quality just because the price is low!) and quick, easy, once-weekly groomings.

Maintenance - Holland Lops are about the same maintenance as a cat. They can be free-roamed or kept in cages larger than/equivalent to 5'3'3, with plenty of run time if they're caged. Feeding is once daily with 1/2 cup of plain brown pellets, unlimited timothy hay, fresh water always, and occasional treats.

Overall, Holland Lops are amazing pets! Social, sweet, unique, small, and medium-maintenance, they make perfect family pets and are excellent with children. Our socialization process allows us to bond with the bunnies and helps them bond quickly with their new families, in addition to making them calmer and happier. If you're looking for the ideal ESA, family pet, or darling fluffy friend, our Holland Lops are for you!

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