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Why Netherland Dwarfs Make the Best Pets

Throughout 2023, we've searched for Netherland Dwarfs across the country. We finally found the perfect pair - Frostie and Marmalade - to start with! But what makes them so perfect for a pet?

Tiny Size - Though you should never choose a tiny bunny just because you have a tiny cage (always give your bunbun free roam or a spacious enclosure indoors,) it must be said that Nethies are adorable, partly due to their teeny bodies. They love catapulting themselves across the room and finishing with a binky huger than they are!

Loving Temperament - I would like to debunk a myth here. According to many internet forums and bunny sites, Nethies are infamous for being "aggressive bunnies." This is 100% untrue in my experience and in the experience of the breeders and owners I've spoken with! Nethies are equally goofy and sweet. They love when we relax with them in their pen or outdoors in the sunshine, and toys are their favorite things ever - give them a willow ball and they'll be your friend for life. True, they have their moments (like when they turn their back on you after a nail trim) but so does every bunny, including the renowned "puppy-like" Holland Lops!

Maintenance - Nethies are about the same maintenance as a cat. Groom once weekly, feed one-eighth of a cup of pellets twice daily, etc. This comes in really handy if you have to rush off to work in a hurry some mornings! However, please never neglect your bunny just because they're "low-maintenance." This will only lead to your bunny's unhappiness and possible death due to inattention. If you forget to spend time with them or overfeed them, they could die from loneliness or obesity. It's the little things that matter!

All in all, Netherland Dwarfs are a dream to own! They're cute, loving, and make the perfect pet. Since we raise our babies in a very social environment, they love being cuddled and loved on by people and fit easily into your family. They are a little bunch of fluff and happiness tucked into a lil bunny, just waiting for your snuggles. If you're looking for the ideal ESA, family pet, or darling fluffy friend, our Netherland Dwarfs are for you!

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