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Boys or Girls? Which Gender is Best For Me?

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

A frequent question we get asked is, "Which gender is better than the other and why?" There's really no right answer here - it all comes down to personal preferences. Below you'll find the pros and cons of owning both a female and male bunny. We hope this makes your bun-buying decision easier!

Does (Female)

Pro: Does are cleaner.

This can be true. Our bunnies are all litter-trained, including the bucks (boys), but the does generally pick it up faster. Of course, spaying helps incredibly with litter training and keeping a tidy cage, as it reduces their hormonal behaviors like digging, flipping food/water bowls, and aggressively tossing things around their cage.

Pro: Does don't smell.

Truthfully, no bunny is going to smell as long as you keep it healthy and clean and change its litter box often. However, the urine from a buck tends to be a bit smellier, so if you have a sensitive nose, it may be in your best interest to purchase a doe. (Changing the litter box every other day or even every day can help with urine's scent, or using a non-toxic odor eliminator in the box.)

Con: Does can contract uterine cancer.

Cancer is an awful disease, and is very common in intact does over 3 years old. Nobody wishes cancer on their pet - get your doe spayed between 4 and 6 months to prevent this!

Bucks (Male)

Pro: Bucks are usually a smidge friendlier or more interactive.

This does NOT mean that does aren't friendly!! Most does are wonderful pets and love on you just as much as bucks, if not more. There is, however, the occasional doe that craves being bred and is excessively hormonal, even when spayed, which is where the myth 'does are more aggressive' stems from.

Pro: Bucks are generally less destructive.

Does have habits like digging and nesting embedded in them, since after all, they are does and were made to have litters and prepare for those litters. Since bucks don't give birth to babies, their destructive habits such as digging are lesser. They still need things to chew on, though - non-toxic plain wood chews, woven willow balls, applewood sticks, and timothy hay are all great options to keep household/cage destruction to a minimum.

Con: Bucks tend to be more hormonal if left intact.

Does are hormonal too, but not quite so much or in such an obvious way as bucks are. Intact bucks will spray urine to mark their territory, and their urine can stain and has a strong scent. They also may hump male/female bun companions - and if you are housing an intact male and female together, you will very likely end up with an accidental litter on your hands. Please act responsibly and get your pet spayed or neutered! Read up on the benefits of spaying/neutering here.

Remember, no pet is better or worse than any other, and all pets have the capability to love, trust, and crave your attention from day one. Doe or buck, your bunny from Mountain Sky will have a sweet temperament and loving personality! Every bunny is different. Just as we humans have different personalities, bunnies have their own quirks and ways of showing love - some lick your hands, some binky around their cage, and still others jump up into your lap at first sight. Don't forget that bunnies need constant attention from you - they're very social animals! We hope this assists you on your bunny-buying journey and that you will trust us to provide you with the perfect bun for you!

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