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Bunny Supply Checklist

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The internet is full of bunny + small pet supplies. Using our bunny experience, we compiled this list of all our recommended essentials!

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This cost-effective exercise pen provides a great enclosure for your bunny! It's aesthetic but still practical. Perfect with a piece of vinyl flooring or a large reusable puppy pad underneath! Other options include:


Hay is the main part of bunnies' diets! Most pelleted food is made of alfalfa, so bunnies need timothy hay or grass. We recommend Oxbow, Small Pet Select, or Dumor timothy hay. We use Dumor timothy hay and Small World timothy hay. You can purchase online, or in your local feed store. Pelleted Food

Pelleted food should be fed in moderation. We use Country Road Pellets, which only come in 50 lb bags. If you're looking for smaller quantities, Oxbow or Sherwood are both great options. Feeder

This two-in-one hay and pellet feeder keeps the food well-contained for no mess! Heavy ceramic bowls or metal bowls that attach to the cage are also a good option.

Ceramic Bowl | Metal Bowl Gravity Waterer

This gravity waterer we use is perfect for keeping your bun hydrated. Heavy ceramic/metal bowls will also work, as long as your bunny won't tip them over! Litter Box

Make sure the litter box is large enough for your bunny to stretch out in! We use this Ikea one. If your bunny is a digger, we suggest either making a grate or purchasing the pre-grated litter box listed below. Grated Litter Box | Large Cat Litter Box


Paper or pellet litters work great (keep in mind if using wood shavings that cedar wood is toxic to bunnies!) We use Tractor Supply pine pellets, which are cost-effective and keep odors contained. Do NOT use any clumping or clay litter. Bunnies have to eat some of their poop to stay healthy, and clumping litter can clog their digestion, resulting in serious damage or death.


Bunnies love toys! Be sure to provide an assortment of safe chew toys for your bunnies for enrichment, fun, and prevention of overgrown teeth. Bunnies also love tunnels and dark hidey places.

You should trim your bunny's nails about every month. We offer nail trimming services for any bunnies, but trims can also be done at home.


Short-haired bunnies, like Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs, need grooming about once a week. For a de-shedding tool, the Sleek-EZ is perfect. The Hairbuster brush is good for detangling. Long-haired bunnies need to be groomed once every other day. If you have a longer-haired bun, like a Teddywidder or Angora, you will need to purchase different grooming tools.

For short-haired breeds: Sleek-EZ | Hairbuster

For long-haired breeds: Treats

Treats are essential for bonding with your bunny, and teaching them tricks! Fresh or dried fruit can be used. We also use black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS) which can be found in bulk at your local feed store, or calf manna.


Bunnies love a comfy place to flop. Any dog beds work, just make sure it is machine washable to make it easy for you! You can even make your own pillow, or use a fuzzy blanket. Clean-up

Bunnies can get pretty messy! This small broom set is so handy for tidying up your bunny areas. Since we have multiple bunnies, we use a shop vac. If you have 2 or more buns, you might want this small vacuum.

You’re all set! If you have questions, recommendations, or concerns, feel free to reach out!

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