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We’re here to offer boarding services for when you are out of town! We’ll love and care for your bunny as if it were our own.
We offer an affordable bunny boarding rate of $15 per night. Each additional bunny is $5.
This price includes a spacious indoor solid floor pen, fresh water and hay daily, exercise outdoors, and any other special requests you may have. Updates will be sent daily throughout their stay for peace of mind!
You are welcome to bring any accessories you would like (toys, treats, cage, dishes, blankets, etc.) but the only required item is enough pelleted food and enough hay for for their entire stay. If they are litter trained, you must also bring their litter box and enough litter for the stay.
Please contact us at to book! There are rare occasions when our rabbitry is full or we are travelling ourselves.

Warranty - If any severe sickness, injury, or death happens while under our care, you will be fully refunded for any boarding related payments that were made. If we feel your rabbit is sick and needs medical attention, we will contact you right away. It is your responsibility to inform us if your bunny has any pre-existing health conditions so we can properly monitor during their stay.

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