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the mountain sky sales policy.


  • All bunnies are healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of pick-up. We are happy to do a health check with you at pick-up.

  • We do not guarantee show quality, fertility, weight, or temperament, as these factors can change based on environment.

  • We are not responsible for any injuries, death, and/or vet bills after you have adopted a bun.

  • We determine genders to the best of our ability. However, we cannot guarantee the gender of any junior bunny (under 6 months). We do guarantee gender of senior bunnies (older than 6 months). 


  • Each bunny requires a reservation deposit of 50% of its total adoption fee per bunny, which goes toward the bunny's final adoption fee.

  • The only case in which you are exempt from needing to deposit is if you are completing same day pick-up.

  • The first person to make a deposit on a bunny is the person who reserves it. This is the only way we can ensure the bunny has a home. The bunny will remain up for adoption until the deposit is made.

  • Responding to emails or texts is your responsibility. We do not guarantee first rights of reservation to the first person that reaches out about reserving a bunny. If we contact you needing a response, please respond within the next 24 hours, or the bunny you reserved will go back up for adoption. This helps things go much more smoothly on our end, and we deeply appreciate frequent, effective communication.


  • All deposits are non-refundable unless something happens to the bunny under our care.

  • If something happens to the bunny under our care, you will have the choice of a refund or switching to another available bunny at that time.

  • If something comes up after you adopt and the bunny is returned to us, there are no refunds given. This includes adults and babies.


  • We accept Venmo, PayPal, or cash/checks. Venmo or PayPal are optimal, especially for deposits.

  • All payments must be sent using the Friends and Family option if using Venmo or PayPal.

  • The bunny must be paid for in full before leaving our property.


  • We offer pick-up at our two rabbitry locations or a nearby (15-minute drive) location for free.

  • We are willing to drive up to 40 minutes in your direction to meet.

  • Depending on availability, we may be able to travel farther for the price of gas + a slight upcharge.

  • Please bring a method of transportation for the bunny you are adopting. We recommend a hard or soft-sided carrier.

  • Upon departure, you will be provided with a transitional package comprised of pellets, hay, treats, our bunny care guide, and your bun's birth certificate. We are happy to show you their pedigrees but do not provide them to pet homes.

  • We are happy to work with transporters, however, please keep in mind we do not have or use any social media, including Facebook. If using a transporter that operates over social media, make sure they are willing to communicate with us over text or email. If so, we're happy to do so! We make no guarantees about the bunny after it is on the transport route.

  • If requested at pick-up, we are more than willing to demonstrate how good health and gender were established. We will also demonstrate how to properly pick up and hold bunnies, as well as demonstrate good nail trimming and grooming practices. We're happy to answer any other questions you may have at pick-up time.

For Breeders

  • Breeding rights must be purchased to receive a pedigree.

  • We will not consider outdoor, small/wire cage, and/or backyard breeders.

  • All bunnies are titled with Mountain Sky's ___. This must stay. However, if you wish to name the bunny something besides what we are calling it at the of reservation, you may let us know and we will change the name on the pedigree.

  • We reserve the right of first refusal. This means that if you ever decide to sell a bun, we must be notified first. We may be interested in adding the bunny back to our herd. If we are not interested in adding the bun back, we will give permission for you to find the bunny a good new home.

  • We are willing to help you find a good home, but keeping updated on the bunny's welfare after it moves to its new home is your (the breeder's) responsibility.


  • Before adopting a bunny from our rabbitry, please ensure you know how to properly care for a bunny. Educate yourself on their needs and purchase all needed items before adoption, and please be committed to keeping your bunny happy and healthy. 

  • We do not sell rabbits as Easter gifts, as they often end up being resold, neglected, or abandoned. We do take every customer seriously, however, and if you wish to purchase a rabbit for an Easter gift, we may ask a few more questions than usual before approving you for our waiting list.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any sale to any individual.

  • Photos, text, information, and unique ideas/designs are all copyrighted in our name. It is illegal to use any of these without permission from us. We work hard to present a unique brand and five-star experience, and it's very disheartening to see our information posted under other's names.

Thank you for reading! Any violation of this sales policy is grounds to refuse a sale or any future contact. We take this very seriously and will take action against violation.

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