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Babies in the Nestbox

On May 11th, a litter was born to Poppy and Bear! We have four Holland Lop babies from them in the nestbox! These little ones are beautiful as always and are the cuddliest sweethearts. They're doing amazing with social time and love kids! Their names are Bryn, Bella, Buck, and Button. Buck and Button are our torted black/orange harlequin bucks, and Bryn and Bella are our black/orange harlequin does. Their reservations are June 8 and they are ready to go home July 6.

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Upcoming Babies - Timeline

Next Holland Lops planned for late May, ready to go mid-June. Also planning for litters in July, ready to go late August!

Planning our first Netherland Dwarf litter for August, ready to go early November!

This is our last litter of Teddywidders for the time being.

If you would like to join the waitlist* for any of these litters, or just the next available babies, please fill out the contact form below!

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Michele - 2 bunnies - unsure of timeline.

Connor - Holland Lop

Cheyenne - Holland Lop

Erica - Netherland Dwarf

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