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Can I connect with you on social media?
No, we do not use or have access to any social media.

Are you registered with the ARBA?

Yes! We are happy to show proof of this before or upon adoption.

How much are your bunnies?
Our babies are priced based on coat color, eye color, and gender. We have a firm pricing of $300 per baby bunny. We ask that you please respect this firm pricing based on the work we put into raising healthy, sweet buns and the quality of pet we are producing. Retiring adults/breeding bunnies will be $100-$300. The price reflects not only the quality bunny, but the hours we have spent with them ensuring they are ready to fit perfectly into your home. Every cent we make is invested back into our bunnies to ensure they have the best life possible. This is not a business created for profit!

Why should I buy a bunny from Mountain Sky?
Our bunnies are well socialized, litter trained, raised in great indoor conditions, and completely healthy to our knowledge! (Click
here to learn about how we raise our buns.) When you adopt from a pet store, feed store, or a less reputable rabbitry, you run the risk of buying a mean, diseased, or scared bunny. This isn’t just to sing our own praises, or to speak badly of any of these places, but we’ve had experience! Seeing where some of these pet/feed store bunnies come from, and the conditions they've survived, has really opened our eyes and is part of why we raise bunnies. We want you to be completely satisfied with your Mountain Sky bun, and help you along the way! We offer lifetime support for every bunny.

What do you mean by “lifetime support?”
We are always here to answer questions or concerns long after you have taken your bunny home! We love keeping in touch with our buns and appreciate any updates! If you can no longer take care of your bunny, you must contact us before selling. We will help you find a good home where the bunny will get an excellent level of care. We may even be able to take the bunny back into our rabbitry, depending on the space we have available!

Do you offer shipping?
We’ve got you covered! We work with quality transporters across the country, and can easily and safely arrange transport directly to you! Pricing is on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for details!

What supplies do I need?
Have no fear, we're here to support you with links to everything you may need! O
ur blog post on bunny essentials covers supplies in detail with links to all of our favorites! Refer to this post by clicking here.

How do I purchase from you?
To adopt a bunny, please fill out our adoption application form, which will be sent upon your request via email or text. To find out more about our adoption experience, click
here to read an in-depth description!

What else do I get when I adopt my bunny?
Our bunnies come with a generous bag of transitional pellets, transitional hay, and treats. You will also receive our printed bunny care guide and birth certificate. Pedigrees are optional for pet homes, and a $50 upcharge for breeding homes.

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