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available adult bunnies.


Cream VM Doe | $150

It breaks my heart to post one of the girls that has quickly become a favorite. Miss Millie is the whole package - pretty cream coat, bright blue eyes, and the absolute sweetest personality. She adores attention - as soon as I open the bunny room door, I hear the skitter of her feet on the floor as she scrambles up and immediately starts trying to jump out of her pen to greet me. She LOVES getting her head rubbed. Unfortunately, this sweet personality doesn't extend to picking her up - she prefers to stay safe and sound on the ground. Even more unfortunately, Millie has made it clear that she's best suited as a pet, and I can't keep them all. She needs work on litter training since it's a relatively new habit to her, but I believe once she's spayed, she would be so very happy as a free roam bun. She is nearing 2 years old.


Chocolate Harlequin VM Buck | $225

Another sad post - now that our Bruno has grown up and proven himself, it's time to downsize the boy side of our fluffle. Milo has been nothing but amazing at his job and such a fun bunny to have. He comes across as shy, but the key to his heart is food and a confident human. He does well with being picked up, and warms to being petted after he trusts you. I would prefer an experienced bunny home for Milo, but am totally willing to coach anyone through his personality! He is a very tidy bun and does great with litter training. Milo will be 2 this July.

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