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available baby bunnies.
poppy x milo | born 1.14.24 | reserve 2.7.24 | go home 3.10.24

Penny | Black + Orange Harlequin Buck | $300 | Available

Penny is the cutest little guy! He's got the dinky ears that haven't quite learned to flop, and the squooshy face of a perfect little Holland. He loves being played with and giving kisses, and absolutely adores his castle. His light harlequin coloring is beautiful - he's such a dapper little man. He would love a home with kiddos where he can play all day and have snuggle time in the evening, with a good space for binkies and zoomies!

Pence | Black + Orange Harlequin Buck | $300 | Reserved for Lida!

Peso | Black Tortoiseshell VM Buck | $300 | Reserved for Emmalyn + Nash!

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