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The Best (and Worst) Bunny Housing

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

How important is proper rabbit housing? The answer: extremely. Your rabbit’s housing can change their mood, energy level, and prevent boredom!

Our Cages We use cages that are custom-built, with a total square footage of 15 feet (5x3.) They are made from untreated wood and 1x2 in. wire, with washers and screws securing the wire to the wood. They are 3 feet tall to prevent even the best escape artist from jumping out, and have vinyl flooring. The doors swing outward on hinges to create easy access for cleaning and playtime.

Other Good Housing Options An exercise pen(pictured), wooden hutch, or complete free-roam are also good options! Just make sure the hutch/pen is at least 3x3 with a comfortable flooring like vinyl.

Bad Housing Choices Never use any cage/pen/hutch smaller than 3x3 without giving your bunny ample playtime in a larger space. Houses that are often much too small for rabbits include tiny ‘habitats’ and mini hutches disguised as furniture.

Internet Inspiration-

Credits: @emeraldcityrabbitry, @breadboxfarm, @bluecloverrabbitry, @sablethelionhead

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